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The Dictators Handbook Forum

This forum's purpose is to encourage informed, intelligent discussion about dictators, tyrants, and pretenders-to-the-throne, and their methods. Since these autocrats all seem to be using the same play book, we track and discuss it.

Provided you are interested in the subject matter and are willing to contribute constructively, we'd love you to join the discussion, either by posting news of your own or by commenting on the rolling newsfeed that provides links to articles of interest. It's optimized for speed and low bandwidth access, so it's easy to use on any Internet-enabled device from phones to tablets to desktops. The forum doesn't require you log in, have a real address, verify your email, or anything. You are totally anonymous, as you should be if you're going to discuss dictators.

It also has no advertising; we're not selling advertising and we're not interested in your personal information. In fact, we're not selling anything other than our fabulous book and related merchandise. We are certainly not selling anything related to your personal information. We find that refreshing, and hopefully you do too.

Please read the forum charter first. In participating, you agree to be bound by it.

Accessing the Forum via World Wide Web

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Accessing the Forum via Newsreader

This is the recommended way to participate in the forum. It is a classier way to go, and offers numerous advantages. See More Information on Newsreaders for specific instructions on how to set up a newsreader app.

Notes about the Forum

The server retains posts for a limited time (currently 180 days, but adjustable as the server begins receiving more and more traffic). Eventually, posts will "roll off the server" and be lost, unless you keep a local copy. That's both a disadvantage and an advantage and we don't plan to change it. You can be perfectly anonymous; no account is linked to a 'real' email address, unless you want it to be. The format encourages more thoughtful and lengthier posts, not quick ripostes. And lastly, this format has no advertising, no pop ups, and no annoying flash ads. We (must be the only ones on the 'net who) are not trying to get rich off of advertising. Did you buy our book? That's the only thing we want to sell you. Enjoy the rest of the site, ad-free.