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Dictator Graphics

Had enough messing around? Wish you could speak your mind with the authority of a tyrant? Is it time for the Dictator to step in and show people what's what? Do so using our convenient, free, linkable graphics. It's easy.

Simply copy the template provided here at the right (right click, save to your computer), add your own text using Photoshop or equivalent, and post. Otherwise, use one of the images provided here: Embed the URL in your Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit board conversation, or anywhere else somebody needs to be set straight.

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Think you've got what it takes to wield the ultimate power? Read the Dictator's Handbook and find out.

That move is straight out of the Dictator's Handbook! (http://dictatorshandbook.net/memes/soh.jpg)

What would Dick Do? (http://dictatorshandbook.net/memes/wwd.jpg)

Richard M. Tater approves this message (http://dictatorshandbook.net/memes/atm.jpg)

Go ahead. Be a dick. (http://dictatorshandbook.net/memes/bad.jpg)

Go ahead. Be a dick about it. (http://dictatorshandbook.net/memes/dai.jpg)

Wow. Dick move, bro. (http://dictatorshandbook.net/memes/dmb.jpg)

Take your hands off the keyboard. The dictator has had enough of you. (http://dictatorshandbook.net/memes/eoy.jpg)

I know what you're up to. I've read the Dictator's Handbook. (http://dictatorshandbook.net/memes/irt.jpg)

I'm the dictator. Listen up, people. (http://dictatorshandbook.net/memes/lup.jpg)

If I'd wanted to be given orders, I'd have married a dictator. (http://dictatorshandbook.net/memes/mad.jpg)

I'm the dictator. Shut up and get off the Internet. (http://dictatorshandbook.net/memes/oti.jpg)

I'm only going to say this once. (http://dictatorshandbook.net/memes/sto.jpg)

Why do you have to be such a Dick? (http://dictatorshandbook.net/memes/wdy.jpg)

I think it's time the Dictator told you the way things are going to be around here. (http://dictatorshandbook.net/memes/wgb.jpg)

Because I'm the Dictator. That's why. (http://dictatorshandbook.net/memes/itd.jpg)

Looks like you like Dick quite a lot. (http://dictatorshandbook.net/memes/yld.jpg)

So tell me: Who made you the dictator around here? (http://dictatorshandbook.net/memes/wmy.jpg)

I'd like you to meet my Dick. Tater. (http://dictatorshandbook.net/memes/mmd.jpg)