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The forum has been optimized to work smoothly and efficiently from smartphones (even on slow 3G connections), and using convenient Newsreader software from your home computer. Simply download a newsreader app, choose the groups you'd like to follow, and go. After you've got your newsreader configured, come on over to read our charter and get started.

Currently, we offer the following groups:

  1. dictator.africa
  2. dictator.america
  3. dictator.asia
  4. dictator.europe
  5. dictator.mideast
  6. dictator.chitchat
  7. dictator.general
  8. dictator.announce
  9. test

On Smartphones and Tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.)

On Iphone and Ipad, download the NewsTap application -- there are light and "full" versions and either will work with our forum.

On Android Phones and Tablets, there is an increasingly impressive selection of Usenet newsreaders. Look for Newsreader or PhoNews first: both are great, but Newsreader provides great "share" functionality from your other apps as well. It's our first recommendation. Android Usenet Reader has been tested and works just fine with our forum. Better still is GroundHog Reader for its innovative threading dislplay and basic filters. It's pretty impressive on a Nexus7 Tablet.

On your Laptop or Desktop Computer

Our site works equally well on any operating system (Window, Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, etc.) Our strongest recommendation is to use either Opera or Thunderbird. Both can be downloaded with no payment, and work well. Rich's personal preference is Opera, but either works great.

In addition to being a web browser, Opera has basic newsreader capabilities that will allow you to easily participate in our forum. Get it from www.opera.com.

  1. Go to Menu → Mail and Chat Accounts → New Account
  2. Type of account: Newsgroup
  3. Real name: ANYTHING, Email Address: ANYTHING, Organization: Anything, or leave it blank
  4. Incoming server: dictatorshandbook.net, Outgoing server: dictatorshandbook.net (you don't need to use TLS, so leave it unchecked)

Thunderbird is a great tool both for reading your email and participating in the forum. Get it from www.mozilla.org.

  1. Edit → Account Preferences
  2. Account Actions → Add Other Account → Newsgroup Account
  3. Name: ANYTHING, Email: ANYTHING
  4. Newsgroup server: dictatorshandbook.net

Newsreaders have been around for a long time though, and there are many other good options.

On Windows

Gravity has extensive rules and filters, which are useful. For example, you can make it easier to find posts that include certain words, or were posted by certain people, or more. Tom's Gravity Pages are a good help resource for using this software.

Forte Agent is well liked by power users. It's not free, but there's a free 30 day trial so you can try it.

Xnews remains popular, though its emphasis is downloading files, which is a feature you won't use or need on our forum.

On Mac OSX

Unison is fantastic, clean, and easy to use, and shows messages in a "digest" mode that makes following a conversation really easy.

On Linux, Unix, and BSD

On Linux and BSD any newsreader will work, from Knode and Pan to SLRN and TIN, and beyond, in addition to Opera and Thunderbird, both of which are available on these OSes too.